Are You A People Pleaser?

Your Quiz Result Is…

Frequent People Pleaser

Your frequent people pleasing is an issue, likely in a key area where you expend much of your bandwidth or derive your sense of worthiness, purpose and identity. e.g. work, friendships, romantic relationships, parenthood. Even though you say no sometimes, it feels stressful, and there’s anxiety about having boundaries. 

You have some sense of who you are and what does and doesn’t work for you, but as you care a great deal about being liked or how your efforts are perceived or rewarded, you do things that compromise, hurt and confuse you. There may be awareness of your people pleasing or painful patterns, but because you‘re hard on yourself, it’s tricky to break the cycle. 

As you people-please often, meeting your needs is an occasional activity. You might go through periods of prioritising yourself, possibly off of the back of a crisis or frustration but gradually get sucked back into doing things in old ways.

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