Are You A People Pleaser?

Your Quiz Result Is…

Occasional People Pleaser

You‘ve possibly always been assertive or were previously an active people pleaser but became a recovering one. Having healthy boundaries is important to you, and you’re pretty comfortable with saying no and tend to say yes honestly, too. 

It may be that you generally have a strong sense of who you are and what you need and want but, like most humans, you have instances where you get caught up in other people’s stuff or exhaust or overwhelm yourself for reasons that are out of your awareness at the time. Or, it’s possible that your people pleasing occurs with very specific situations, asks or people that trigger you. 

Occasional people pleasing suggests that you strive to meet your needs healthily and learn from those instances where you go against yourself or where you need to uplevel your boundaries, and you do so without shaming you.

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The Joy of Saying No by Natalie Lue book cover. Subtitle: A simple plan to stop people pleasing, reclaim boundaries, and say yes to the life you want.